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Fair Deal Scheme Applications

The Nursing Homes Support Scheme, known as the ‘Fair Deal’, provides financial support to people in long-term nursing home care.  Under the scheme, you make a contribution towards the cost of your care and the State pays the balance.  Your income and assets will be assessed, and in certain cases you can benefit from the scheme now and consent to a payment being made to the State after your death.

At David J. O’Meara & Sons, we have successfully submitted applications for clients who are resident in nursing homes and now benefiting from the scheme.  We can advise you on your rights and obligations arising out of the scheme, and assist you in every step of the application process.

If the applicant, due to illness or cognitive impairment, cannot make the application for themselves, a relative may apply to the Circuit Court to be appointed their Care Representative and make the application on the applicant’s behalf.  If an Enduring Power of Attorney (see above) has already been executed by the applicant and registered, the Attorney is already appointed to make the application on their behalf.

Contact either David O’Meara at david.omeara@djomeara.ie or Kevin O’Meara at kevin.omeara@djomeara.ie with any queries in this area.