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Child Law

It is a fact of life that the HSE sometimes feel it necessary to seek Supervision Orders in respect of children. The parents of these children are entitled to be represented at any hearing. Supervision Orders and Care Orders are heard by the local District Court.

We have experience in defending applications for both Supervision and Care Orders.

Another aspect of child law is juvenile justice where young people have been charged with an offence and are brought before the courts. The Childrens Court are held ‘in camera’ which means that only those directly involved in the case are allowed be present in court. Furthermore, details of the case cannot be published.

Contact Michelle O’Mahony at michelle.omahony@djomeara.ie with any queries.

In recent times there has been a renewed focus on the area of Child Law with proposed legislation seeking to put on a statutory footing the responsibility of certain groups and institutions to put in place structures to assist in the protection of children. If you or your group have any queries in relation to your duties under the legislation, please contact Michelle O’Mahony.