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Business and Company Formation

The initial structuring of partnerships and companies is critical in the beginning of any business. Ultimately, this governs the structure and running the business and in the case of any difficulty, it is the constitution of the company (Articles and Memorandum of Association) or the details in the partnership agreement which set out the detail on how the business is run.

The purchase and sale of companies can be a very complex area of commercial law with an onus on the quality of the due diligence carried out.

With significant experience in the area of company formation and commercial drafting we can advise on a range of issues including director’s duties and obligations, employment law matters, franchising, distribution and licensing as well as issues arising under the heading of intellectual property and any further issues that arise during the restructuring of a company.

Contact either David O’Meara at david.omeara@djomeara.ie or Kevin O’Meara at kevin.omeara@djomeara.ie with any queries in this area.