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Milk Quotas – Purchase


Since the inspection of the Milk Quota Regime in 1983, we became involved at a very early stage in the preparation and execution of Land and Milk Quota Leases.  With the change in regulations over the years, we have successfully modified all documentation containing full compliance at all times with up to date Milk Quota Regulations.  In this respect this firm has had regular contact with all Co-ops in the Munster area and beyond and has extensive experience and knowledge in the leasing, purchase and sale of milk quota and also the transfer of same within families and also including Applications for additional quota in hardship and other such circumstances.  We have been involved in several successful milk negotiations with the Department of Agriculture, Milk Policy Division over the years.

Contact either David O’Meara at david.omeara@djomeara.ie or Kevin O’Meara at kevin.omeara@djomeara.ie with any queries in this area.